Signe Asmussen Manuitt was born in 1970 in Copenhagen, DK.
Raised in a family of musicians, she has been singing and playing the violin
and piano since she was very small.
She graduated from the Soloistclass at the Royal Danish Conservatory in
2001, and at present she's considered among the most talented, young
classical singers in Denmark, with several concerts and opera engagements
already behind her, and lots of new, classical challenges ahead.
However the affection she has always felt for the latin jazz and salsa has
led her to combine her classical career with this latin genre, as the leading
vocal of Salsa Loca (DK), and invited with orchestras such as Grupo
Danson(DK) and Picason (Switzerland).
After a long break, she has started playing the violin again,
and is now exploring new territory, taking part in this new project with
Cuban music as violinist and chorist.
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